Hold Me Tight
by: Dr. Sue Johnson This book is excellent for understanding more about attachment in the couple relationship and creating a positive emotional connection.
Parenting with Love and Logic
   This is an excellent parenting resource to help teaching your children how to be responsible.
The Gift of Fear
by: Gavin DeBecker Fear is actually an important emotion, to help us survive.  We feel fear, real fear, when we are in danger.  Sometimes people dismiss the warning signs.  This book is very helpful in learning to pay attention to warning signs.  Gavin DeBecker does an excellent job in highlighting behavior that is typically present when someone is trying to control you.  He teaches survival signals that could potentially prevent you …
Substance Abuse and Recovery Guide
Substance Abuse and Recovery Guide: This guide discusses topics such as available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available in Florida for those struggling with addiction.

College Student Mental Health Guide

This is an extensive guide to help students navigate the programs and policies supporting mental health. This covers topics from understanding one’s rights to potential accommodations, tips on accessing mental health services, and scholarships available specifically to students.

This page includes extensive mental health resources such as articles, support groups, therapists and videos that are specifically for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community. This page lists resources by race and sometimes gender in order to help you find what is right for your individual needs. It also contains many resources for LGBTQ+ people of color.