Author: Office Manager


In response to COVID we have expanded our services to include virtual sessions for our clients. Most insurances now allow us to bill for that service, however please speak with your insurance provider prior to a virtual visit in order to confirm that it will be covered.

The Gift of Fear

Fear is actually an important emotion, to help us survive.  We feel fear, real fear, when we are in danger.  Sometimes people dismiss the warning signs.  This book is very helpful in learning to pay attention to warning signs.  Gavin DeBecker does an excellent job in highlighting behavior that is typically present when someone is […]

Divorce Adjustment

The definition of divorce adjustment varies for all families. The therapists will work with the children, as well as parents, in order to resolve conflict, emotional distress and communication difficulties. Clients of Tallahassee Counseling Center must agree that any and all court proceedings related to the client and his/ her guardians will not involve the […]

Adoption Issues

Adoption has a lifelong impact on those it touches, and members of adoptive families may want professional help when concerns arise. Timely intervention by our therapists skilled in adoption, attachment and trauma issues often can prevent concerns from becoming more serious problems. Therapists can assist both parents and children in day to day skills adjusting […]

Behavior Disorders

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) School problems Bullying Teach parenting skills to help decrease problem behaviors in children or power struggles in parent/child relationship Skill building with children & adolescents to enhance self-esteem and strengthen coping skills Enhance interpersonal relationship skills and teach emotion regulation

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Because core challenges are unique for each child, interventions vary depending on the specific needs of the client. Therapists can help families and those with a diagnosis work on: Social skills, communication and daily living skills Behavior plan for home and school Advocacy for school support and/ or accommodations

Mood Disorders

Major Depressive Disorder Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Bipolar I Bipolar II Disorder Cyclothymic Disorder With the various Depressive Disorders and Bipolar Disorders, usually a combination of medication and individual counseling helps to decrease symptoms of Depression or manic episodes.  We will work with the individual and the family […]

Attachment Issues

Attachment refers to the ability to form emotional bonds and empathetic, enjoyable relationships with other people. Sometimes these connections are interrupted by trauma and insecure attachments early in life. Therapists work to address and overcome negatively reinforced behaviors and ideas in order to build a positive emotional connection that can be safe and secure.

Family Therapy

We work with all parts of the family, to address the individual and family treatment needs.  This includes parents, couples, parent-child relationships, and sibling relationships.  We will help build skills to enhance communication among family members or we will facilitate communication among family members, within sessions. If appropriate, multiple therapists in the office can work […]

Play Therapy

We do not have Registered Play Therapists in our office. Although our therapists often utilize games and toys as techniques to build rapport, trust and communication, we cannot offer traditional play therapy. Please contact the front office staff for resources to obtain play therapy recommendations!